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StartupFuel helps investors source, filter, and manage Startup companies applying for fundraising. The StartupFuel platform assigns a fundability score to assess how close to investment readiness the company is.








Startup companies can come in all forms and sizes. Some of the critical tasks are to build a co-founder team to secure key skills, know-how, financial resources, and other elements to conduct research on the target market. Some say that typically a startup will begin by building a first minimum viable product (MVP), a prototype, to validate, assess and develop the new ideas or business concepts. Others say that all that is needed is a paying customer.

  • Reach

    Expand your reach. Give a professional presence to all those that are curious about what you are doing.

  • Fundraising

    StartupFuel is a platform specifically designed to help you raise funds.

  • Progress

    Create a timeline of how well your company is doing and keep track of how well you have progressed.

  • Assistance

    Uncertain about what your next moves should be? Get help from experts that understand exactly where you are coming from.

  • Network

    We want you to be successful. We support collaboration. Find out if there is a company out there that you can merge with.

Investors, Angels, & Venture Capitalists

Find the best businesses with the highest returns for the least amount of headache.

  • Company Stages

  • Find companies of all shapes & sizes.

    • Pre-Seed
    • Seed
    • Series A
    • Series B, C, D
    • IPO

  • Company Sectors

  • Are you only interested in a specific sector? No worries. Curate your search.

    • FinTech
    • Environmental
    • Health Care
    • Education

  • Company Due Dilligence

  • View stats and documentation on each company.

    • Company history
    • Pitch Decks
    • Business Plan
    • Balance Sheet

  • Protection

  • Investments are like a marriage. Its important to stay protected and to have documents ready.

    • NDA
    • Term Sheets
    • Tranche Release
    • Exit fulfillment